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Dear client, from your web design agency

We love our clients! – web design agency

There is nothing more fulfilling in the world of having a web design business than to have our own roster of loyal clients. As agencies, we try our best to fulfil the requirements of our clients to the best of our abilities. In a perfect world, clients and agencies understand each other precisely. Client approvals are quick and the work of agencies are perfect. Yet, due to different preferences and ways of communication, arriving at a common ground when it comes to making a website can be a challenge.

No agency wants to submit work that is sub par. No one would also want to receive services that does not fulfil their expectations. Being a web designer, let alone, having a web design agency, is not only about knowing the right kind of look websites should have. Web design agencies and clients should agree on the functions that the website in question should have.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how web design agencies and clients communicate to make the best website. As clients, here are some tips on how to form an effective line of communication in building your website.

Assign only one point person to talk to your web design agency

Having more than one point person can sometimes cause confusion. This confusion can be a cause of delay – internal misunderstandings on the side of the client, as well as on the agency’s side as well. If having more than one point person cannot be avoided, at least have one point person per key department. These departments can include someone in charge of IT related concerns, billing and collections, art and creatives, and so on and so forth. If possible, provide a directory for your web design agency so they can be properly guided.

Read contracts or terms and conditions thoroughly before confirming

Having your very own website can be very exciting. Sometimes, because of the client’s eagerness to have the website up and running, they immediately sign contracts and agree to terms and conditions before understanding it fully. Web design agencies have very detailed contracts and terms and conditions. Be on the lookout for the clauses regarding revisions, payment terms and service coverage. These are often the areas that entail further discussion.

Familiarize yourself with digital terms

As much as agencies want to spoon feed clients regarding the inner works of making a website, knowing different basic digital terms would be helpful for you as a client. Here are some basic terms that can help you understand your web design agency more:

  1. Domain – This is the address of your website online. This can be purchased directly by your company. Some web design agencies also offer services wherein they setup your domain and host for you.
  2. Host – To put it in layman’s terms, the host is the “house” of your website. This serves as the memory bank that stores all the content of your website. If your host is malfunctioning, your website will also not load. To find a suitable host for your website, gather all the content that you would need to place in it. This includes the size of your files, the amount of interaction or engagement that you expect to get from your website, and so on and so forth.
  3. CRM – CRM stands for customer relations management. Your website should be a gateway for your customers to connect with you. Most, if not all web design agencies have this feature built in your website together with their packages.
  4. Slider – This is one of the most dominant parts of a website. The emergence of sliders have reached high points with the changes on how we view websites today. The slider is usually the first thing you see on your website. To give you a clearer picture, here is a photo:

website sample

The slider is the section below the website menu.

It is important to have clear goals for your website. Do you want a website because you want to increase sales? Is your website mainly for your employees so they can be updated about your company’s news regularly? Did you make a website to express yourself better?

No matter what your goals are, effective communication is the key to getting the website that you have always hoped for. Let’s start communicating! Contact us at Paperdino for your website design and development needs. Email us at [email protected] / [email protected] for more information.