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Best Practices for B2B Website Design

B2B Website design best practices

As a website design and digital agency we often gets clients who need a website to communicate their services to businesses instead of consumers. Unlike B2C websites, B2B websites are often text heavy and is not readily available to make a sale.

One important place that you should clear within your organization is the common ground between your customer’s wants and your goals as a business. Knowing this will help your design agency figure out the best routes to take in designing your website.

According to a survey by New Breed Marketing, 76% of consumers say that the most important element of a website design for them is it’s easy to find what they want. Given this figure, focusing on user experience is still the champion in terms of your priorities in the kind of website design that you would want.

Make the tone of your website personal

Think of your website as an extra sales person who is building relationships with potential clients. No one wants to be sold to. Instead of using jargon after jargon, communicate your company’s products and services in the language of your buyer. Do they want to increase sales? Are they having trouble with their workers? Try to find their primary problems and offer solutions in your website.

Build mystery

Most B2B transactions happen after face to face meetings. Putting all pieces of information in your website all at once, especially the price range of your products leaves little room for further inquiry. In making B2B websites, leave a little mystery for your potential customers, so they may be enticed to give you a call, and even spend more time on your website.

One way to build mystery on your website is to hide further information with call to action buttons or links. Call to action buttons are links or buttons that lead to an inquiry form or even a reservations page.

Use Responsive Design 

Responsive Website design makes your website look easy to comprehend whether it is viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Most decision makers of businesses work with multiple gadgets. It is your utmost priority to be present in whatever device they work with. Talk to your website design agency and ask them more about how to pick the best responsive design

Make sure that these characteristics are also followed by your responsive design:

Your website design should be:

  • Simple but not dull
  • Has large, eye-catching call to actions
  • Contains Big text
  • Has big buttons
  • Has plenty of whitespace

Are you currently building a website? Have you decided on making a website to build your current base of potential clients? Call us at Paperdino or send us an email at [email protected] and let’s see how we can work together to fulfill your business goals.