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How to make and remember online passwords

Choosing a password

In choosing passwords, we often refer to familiar or constant things in our lives to help us remember them. Some use their birthdate, the name of their pet, and even their terms of endearment for their special someone. Choosing a password should never be linked to our personal lives. Not only is it vulnerable to hacking by people who know us well, having passwords linked to our personal lives also put our personal details at risk.

Generating a password

Though there are several password generators available online, having your own way of generating passwords helps with retention. There are tips and tricks that you can do to generate your passwords.

1. Replace letters with numbers

If you have chosen to use a word as your password, you can replace letters with numbers to make it harder for people to guess it.

Here is a quick guide of the replacements you can do:

1 – i

3 – e

2 – d

5 – a

2. Form shapes with the keys on your keyboard

Passwords that are formed by making shapes on the keyboard are one of the hardest passwords to hack, but is one of the easiest to remember. Start by selecting a starting point for your shape and start completing your shape using all the keys within the shape.


For example, you would like to form a triangle, my starting point is the number 5. Here is the password that was generated from forming that shape on the keyboard: 5rdfght.

3. Use an acronym – Think of a sentence that has an impact on you. For example, “You Only Live Once”. Take out the first letters of each word, replace the replaceable letters with numbers, then generate your password.

In using very common phrases, a way to make your password more secure is to add an inverted version of the password. For example, the password that can be generated from “You Only Live Once” is Y0l0. The password is quite simple, so to make it harder, add the inverted version of your password which will look something like this: Y0l00l0Y.

Remembering your password

Remembering your password can be very easy at first. Yet, once you have already enabled the auto-fill features of the different websites and search engines that you use, your memory of what your password is slowly dwindles away over time.

To keep yourself from forgetting your password, there are traditional ways and those that you can do online. For traditional ways, you can place your passwords in a notebook, or any paper that you always bring with you. One place that you can write your passwords on is your check book or other documents that you keep in a safe place.

Another way of keeping and remembering your password is by using online tools. Here are some apps / websites that can help you keep your passwords:

  1.  Keeper Security – Keeper Security is an app that only opens on your mobile phone through the use of your fingerprint. Keeper has a desktop and a mobile version. A good feature about Keeper is that it allows you to autofill your accounts as well.
  2. LastPass – Last Pass is one of the popular password manager online services available in the market today. Aside from keeping passwords, it also allows you to keep and manage other important information like wifi logins, insurance details and even online shopping details. It also keeps track of the activities behind your password. Not only that, Lastpass also has access sharing capabilities that allows you to share access with the important people in your family or your business.

Having an online password is a requirement for most, if not all online accounts. When you have your website made, it will be up to you to provide your very own password. Make sure that your password is safe and protected.

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