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Web design agency secrets revealed

Web Design Agency Secrets

As a web design agency, we always try our best to please our clients not just by providing top notch service, but also through building a harmonious working relationship. As much as we want to be 100% transparent with our clients all the time, there are rare and unavoidable instances where we choose to keep things to ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily mean that something bad has happened. Actually, it is often a good thing. We have listed some of our secrets as a web design agency to help you understand further how we arrive at optimum quality projects for our clients.

We throw a “party” when you approve our work

Making a website can be really hard work. We put in numerous hours and we work as a team to make sure that we provide what you have required from us. Like students in school, your seal of approval for our work is like receiving a gold star for our homework. Tasks, no matter the magnitude, are always done with our clients in mind. Yet, don’t get us wrong. We don’t work to just get your approval, we also work to give you the best options to take to fulfill your goals.

There are times when we put in more work hours than you pay us

Though our services are often paid by the hour, we usually end up working more hours especially when it comes to quality control and brainstorming for your website. We also set meetings with our tech team, design team, sales team and accounts team to establish synergy so everyone is well aware of the updates on your website. Though we often assign just one individual as your point person, and it may seem like you are only paying for him / her, know that there are more people working on your website on a regular basis. This is the difference with just acquiring an employee and hiring a web design agency.

Revisions are part of our plans for your website

The work that goes behind making a website can be a very tedious one especially when it is full of features and if it requires a lot of coding. Most web design agencies are very strict when it comes to revisions. In our case, we make it part of our plans / timelines. It’s not because we expect our work to have errors. We understand that each client is unique in their own right and both agency and client just wants what is best for the website. We have our own way of categorizing and differentiating minor revisions from major revisions.

We are really artists with digital and technical know how

Because of the technical nature of websites, people often forget that web designers are also artists at heart. The beauty about having artists work on your website is that it is easy for us to have a vision for your website. Though most works of art are solely dependent on visual appeal, web designers are more concerned with function and experience. Hence, having an artist on board makes sure that your website doesn’t only look good, it also functions efficiently. As artists, we are also very passionate about sending messages across through using the digital space.

Now that you know our secrets as a web design agency, we hope that you find this information useful if and when you decide to hire a web design agency to do your website for you. We at Paperdino are a group of dynamic individuals who have a passion for art, and the skills of a technical person who understand the work that goes behidn making a website. We have done close to 400 websites, and we are proud to say, that most of them are repeat clients. If you have requirements or if you are thinking of having your own websites, contact us at [email protected].