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Website design trends for your website

Following website design trends

Website design trends have evolved over the years. These changes are necessary because of the development of technology when it comes to sharing information. The demand for information in the digital space is on a record high, and to be noticed in the clutter, businesses should keep up by reinventing their website designs.

Website design trends examples by Paperdino

It is always a challenge for website designers to come up with an appealing and functional design. Even an agency like us who has done over 200 website designs since our inception are constantly looking at website design trends to keep up. Here are some examples on how we have followed some website design trends in our work.

  1. Responsive website design – The website that we did for XP Education exhibits a responsive website design. This website design trend is essential because people are viewing websites in different gadgets at different times. A responsive website design is a design that acts like a chameleon. It changes its format depending on the kind of interface the website is viewed on.

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2. Card style interface – Website viewers have adopted the looks of social media websites positively. One website design trend that is increasing in preference is the card style interface. This website design trend imics the look of pinterest and instagram. Here is a website we did for Mars Promos that exhibits the card style interface. As you scroll down, you will see how you can clearly identify the different things you can do on the website.

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3. Minimalist website design – Because of the clutter and the influx of information in the digital space, website viewers now tend to be drawn to minimalist website designs. The good thing about minimalist website designs is that it provides an efficient and clear way of enticing your website viewers to follow your call to action. This kind of website design trend is good for online stores, as it gives your products more focus. Here is a website that we did for Just Ride to show you how this website design trend can be executed.


You can trust that we at Paperdino are always up to date with the latest website design trends. Have you just started a business and do you need help in keeping up with the demands of your customers? Contact us now by emailing [email protected] and let’s talk about your website.