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Why design and content is more important than web domain

What’s in a domain?

Web domain selection is usually the first step that business owners take when deciding to make a website. When their business name or top choice is already taken, business owners tend to spend too much time searching for another domain. A website domain serves as your website’s unique id in a plethora of websites found in the worldwide web. Though important, business owners should remind themselves that the design and content of their website is as important as their web domain.

Spend more on design and content

The prioritization between web domain, content and design does not only go as far as time is concerned. The budget allotment for each can also be a challenging decision. According to the IBISWorld, a provider of market industry information in the US, the web domain name sales industry has $2 billion dollars in revenue in the US alone.

Sometimes, business owners limit their budget for design and content since they’ve spent more on acquiring their choice domain. Having the right domain can help your business in terms of recall, but having the wrong design and having limited content will put your website investment at risk.

A report by Netcraft confirmed that there are currently 1 billion websites that are live on the internet right now. Initially, your domain will literally set you apart from all other websites. Your design and content on the other hand, makes you stand out.

The need for professional website design services

According to IBISWorld, the web design industry has amassed $24 billion in the US alone. This shows that most website owners have been investing a lot in getting the best look for their website. Not only that, several platforms for designing websites have emerged over the years.

Though making websites have become easier over the couple of years, it requires a certain skill set to make your website as effective as it should be. This is where a proper website design agency and website content provider come in. Once you have secured your website address, designers, writers and artists can custom fit your website according to your customer or viewer’s online preference.

Have you already acquired your web domain? It is now time to think of how your website should look like and what it should do for your business. Making these decisions does not have to be a daunting task. Contact Paperdino, a web design agency based in Melbourne to help you make your website ideas happen.

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