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How much is a website?

How much is a website?

This is usually the first question we get whenever we receive inquiries about our website design and website development services. It is however, detrimental for web design agencies since this question is often pertaining to monetary cost instead of the amount of labor required.

Making a website from scratch can be labor intensive and expensive especially if it is going to be done by an inexperienced member of your company. To give you an idea about how much work goes behind the construction of your website, here is a rundown of the processes that need to be taken. This answers the question how much WORK is needed to make a website.

Setting goals and KPI’s

This is the most important part of making a website. Setting specific goals and KPI’s will determine how the website should be designed and what functions should be included in it. Is it an online store that needs to generate a certain amount of income at a certain time? Is it an online brochure of your company? Whatever purpose your website serves, it is essential to communicate your requirements clearly to your web developer and designer.

Securing a domain and host

This process secures the presence of your website in the digital space. The cost of a domain and host is usually on a subscription based payment scheme. It is fairly easy to setup. You can go to website domain and hosting services such as Godaddy or HostGator.

Designing the website

This is one of the most labor intensive parts in making a website. Having a unique website design requires technical skills. The amount of coding ability that is required is dependent on the complexity of the website.

There are ready made themes available on the web that you can customize. However, it requires a certain amount of technical expertise to make these themes fulfill the goals and KPI’s that you have set. Most themes only provide basic functions and sections. There is also the risk that your website might end up looking like the website of your competitor. A theme is downloaded for an average of 10,000 times upon being published on the web.

Incorporating functions

Functions in websites also require coding and a significant amount of technical expertise. The amount of skill needed is dependent on the kind of function that you want your website to have. One tricky thing about website functions is that some functions can affect all parts of your website with just one click. This is the reason professionals are needed to incorporate changes in your website.

Each function on your website, from online store functions, animations, feedback forms, etc. requires a significant amount of time to setup as well. Functions are often incorporated once the general design of your website is already in place.

Making your website searchable

Website optimization is a constant initiative that needs to be implemented with every post or update you do on your website. Optimization goes beyond keywords and making it searchable in search engines. Optimization also includes making sure your website loads in a timely and proper manner. The overall user experience should always be kept in mind. One integral part in optimizing a website is making sure that all functions are operating properly. This is extremely important especially for online stores because having faulty functions contributes highly to losing a sale.

The good news is, you don’t have to think about all these tasks on your own. The booming digital industry paved the way for several reliable and efficient agencies to do your website requirements for you. Paperdino is a digital design agency based in Southbank Victoria, Melbourne. Contact [email protected] for your website requirements today.