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Top 4 Secrets on How to Find a Great Graphic Designer

If your business is taking off, you’ll probably be hiring graphic designers at some point, probably more than once.

It may be a little intimidating to find a graphic designer without understanding much about the design industry. But relax, we’ll get you rolling on the right foot.

Here are our top 4 secrets to find a great graphic designer!


1. Find someone you can work with in the long run

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When you’re choosing a designer, think of it as the start of a long relationship. The optimal outcome of an design project comes from strong collaborative work between your you and your designer. Ideally, your designer will be your go-to person who understands your brand and delivers amazing and reliable results. 

That’s why it’s so important to work with a graphic designer that you like, get along with and trust. If possible, try to meet and talk your potential designer, be it in person or through a phone call. All of these will make it easier to look for someone you can work well with in the long term.


2. Ask to see their design portfolio

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Check out Paperdino’s portfolio first when you’re interested in getting a graphic designer.


Look at previous work samples in designers’ portfolio, and you’ll gain certain insights of their style and approach. Review deeper into their design portfolio and you’ll be surprised at what you can find.

Here’re a few key things to keep in mind while looking at designers’ work samples.

  • Make sure there’re ample amount of samples since a low amount may indicate lack for experience
  • See if they’ve done designs for similar businesses like yours for a great design fit
  • Ensure their strengths goes along with your immediate and long-term goals

Yes, examining their design portfolio takes time, but it’ll make your decision much much easier. Because from here, you’ll get a glimpse into whether this designer’s style aligns with your preferences – or not.


3. Work Out your Budget


Understand how much you are willing to spend on a design. Be ready to spend time researching typical rates for design services. These are two key elements in figuring out your expected budget for a design project.

Recognise and appreciate the value of the services you’re searching for. Even if less-experienced graphic designers charge a lower rate, you may find them needing more time and direction on a project, leading to more of your time required to assist as well.  On the other hand, despite the higher rates of an experienced designer, they tend to work more efficiently and produce quality-assured work, without much of your direction.

Cheaper doesn’t necessarily means better. Ultimately, it just comes down to how important the design is to the success of your business and how much are you willing to spend on it.


4. Be clear with your expectations up-front

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Outlining your expectations right from the start is essential for any successful design project.

No designer would like it if you just went up to them and say “I need a website design” and little else. Instead, lay out a detailed creative brief about your business, the objective of your project and any other requirements. Basically, the more information you provide, the easier it is for your designer to give you exactly what you want.

Another thing to discuss up-front is your basic parameters, such as anticipated response time to emails, potential obstacles, or even just when you work and when you don’t. Being clear with requirements and desired results will definitely enhance the communication and efficiency of the project.


Instead of doing a DIY project using low cost print suppliers, choosing a graphic designer is actually an exciting part of your business!

If you need any help with any of your design projects, our graphic design agency – Paperdino is more than happy to discuss more with you regarding your design requirements and budget.

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