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People make snap judgements. It takes only 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about a person, and websites are no different. It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.This number comes from specific studies. In the first study, participants twice rated the visual appeal of web homepages presented for 500 ms each. In a follow-up study they reduced the expsure time to 50 ms. Throughout, visual appeal ratings were highly correlated from one phase to the next as were the correlations between the 50 ms and

Graphic design is what guides your guests, clients or leads to a purchase decision when you and your team aren't there; Design plays a crucial role in how people perceive your business, and whether or not they buy from you. Here in Melbourne, competition is stiff, and it's no secret that every successful business invests in professional graphic design. Here's why: 1. Graphic design directly motivates purchasing behavior. As it turns out, consumers often do judge a book by its cover. In a 2010 survey  , 79% of those surveyed reported that covers play "a decisive role" in their decision to buy a book. In addition, 48%

It’s a daily hustle to grow a small business into a sustainable operation and entrepreneurs wear lots of hats from marketing to sales, accounting and finances. So with all of those balls in the air at once, who has time to focus on the nuances of design?If your business isn’t bringing in the cash you need, isn’t making it prettier the last thing you should be spending your time on?Good web design is way more than the cherry on the top of the cake. Design helps small businesses in everything from inspiring confidence with a professional image, to setting your brand apart from the competition, to attracting like-minded

A website is an essential business tool -- and every business uses its site differently. Some use it to generate instant revenue through ecommerce sales while others use it to generate leads, phone calls or physical location visits. There is one thing that every business wants to accomplish with its website: leveraging it to create more growth. There are several ways to generate leads, sales and revenue without investing in a complete redesign and rebuild. Here are 10 hacks that you should consider trying -- while simple, they can potentially help your business grow significantly through increased sales and generate leads.1. Perform a conversion audit. Are you

There might be an assumption that a beautiful link profile means instant rankings and huge organic traffic, but there is a truth that plagues many large organizations that prevents them from leveraging the asset of a high domain authority website.That is, leadership that doesn’t see the value in spending tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars to transform their website in order to effectively leverage their domain authority.This case study aims to give digital marketers and SEOs ammunition to take to their clients or senior leaders and show how this investment can fundamentally change an organization’s success. This is not rocket science. It is simply doing the right thing with the