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Your website is more than just a piece of web real estate. Properly built and maintained, a site can help you bring in more clients, more sales and greater earnings. It gives potential customers a way to explore what you have to offer, and you a way to sell your services to those who are looking for them. Your real estate website design is a dynamic representation of you, your team or your brokerage, and should be crafted with care and strategy.When agents join a major brokerage firm — or even medium-sized or more localized brokerages — the onboarding package might include a provided agent website. Those

With the sheer myriad of websites available on it, the internet can often prove to be a pretty overwhelming place. As such it becomes really difficult to single out the useful websites from the needless ones. So today we bring to you a list of some of the most interesting and useful websites on the internet, which will definitely grab your eyeballs.What if we tell you that it is possible to copy the text from a comic or a meme without having to manually transcribe it or discover outfits similar to the one worn by your favorite actor in a TV show or perhaps even

Still thinking about whether or not you need a new website? It's time to stop thinking and start designing. A website redesign comes with loads of benefits that more than make it worth the price tag. 1. A CHANCE TO START OVER Sometimes we'd all like a chance to start over. Let's face it. That old website is bringing down your business. A new website is just the ticket to bring you out of that slump. Okay, so a new website design isn't necessarily a clean slate for your business (it can't solve internal issues or erase bad reviews), but it does give you a chance to recreate

Buying can be beautiful! Here are some attractive ecommerce websites for your inspiration. Designing ecommerce websites is big business – and it's now easier than ever for a startup company to launch an online store.Software such as Shopify, with its amazing library of customisable templates, makes it easy to create beautiful and highly immersive ecommerce website experiences – here are 12 great ones that caught our eye. So read on for some top web design inspiration

 Related Article: https: How to create a Killer Home PageFor any online business, the one single metric that overrides all others in significance is conversion rate. Conversion rates mean business. To convert, you need to get a few things right, including content, SEO, social media, advertising and website design.Let’s start by understanding the role that website design plays in boosting conversion rates.The principles of good website design remain the same, whether it is a large website or a landing page. For website design to improve conversions, consider and optimize the following:Foster usability. Is your site intuitive and user friendly? Those are a key design factors influencing conversion. Usability is measured in terms